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To Persuade People, Tell Them a Story

Emotional and Psychology Selling with Stories:
Discover how to persuade your audience using stories

Making Persuasive Presentations using Stories™

Look at any of the great public speakers and you will find one thing they share in common: They are masters of storytelling.

Stories are arguably one of the most powerful tools a speaker can use since it enables you to better connect, persuade and inspire the audience. A purposeful story powerfully delivered can reap you rich rewards in the way of audience motivation, acceptance, and approval.

Making Persuasive Presentations using Stories™ is an advanced training program that would equip you with the essential elements to craft and deliver powerful stories. Learn not just how to tell a story, but how to sell on stage using stories. Finally, discover how to model great presenters like late Apple founder Steve Jobs and Alibaba founder Jack Ma to turn any supposedly technical presentations into an interesting and awe-inspiring one.

What you will gain from the program

  • Use effective strategies for preparing stories
  • To learn the elements of a good story and the techniques available to arouse emotion
  • Create and share an original story based on a personal experience
  • Use stories to build a strong connection and rapid trust with your audience
  • Master the 3 elements of crafting and delivering a story to persuade your audience and embrace your message
  • Use stories to transmit corporate values
Sales Workshop Program - Jacky Lim

“If you need a true professional who is not only knowledgeable about what he teaches but also passionate in helping others to bring out the best in themselves, then Jacky will be the one you’re looking for!”

– Zach Kong, Digital Marketing Enthusiast

Sale Workshop Program Outline - Jacky Lim

Program Outline

  • Understand the role of stories and benefits of using them during presentations
  • Identify critical factors to craft stories which connect with your target audience
  • Create an impactful anchor message for your story
  • Plant embedded command in your stories using persuasive language patterns
  • Use non-verbal cues to deliver your story in a lively and engaging manner
  • Delivery of presentation and evaluation

Who will benefit from this training program

  • Trainers, instructors and teachers
  • Professionals who often meet high-value clients
  • Managers and leaders who desire to communicate with authority and confidence in front of large groups
  • Anyone who desires to learn how to present in a refreshing and more convincing manner


Facts Tell. But Stories Sell.


Don’t Just Stand Up, Stand Out.


Get ‘Unstuck’. Passion Unleashed.

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