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If you ask anyone what their key indicator for life achievement is, you would undoubtedly get quite a handful who would say that financial stability and success is at the top of their hierarchy list. But, have you ever wondered why some people have it easier realizing their wealth creation and you are struggling to build your own slowly with bricks? Well, you could be treading on the wrong wealth path and building with the wrong foundation.

A big misconception that most people have is that the best and easiest way to gain the wealth that you desire is to take the big risk of putting up a huge corporate empire or maybe invest a huge chunk of your savings in the stock market. Exposing yourself with this line of thought is an ingredient for disaster to your ambition in building your wealth.

Essentially, the most effective way to create and become wealthy is to shatter this and to do what comes to you naturally. This way you go through the whole wealth creation journey with zest and zeal to overcome any challenges that will come along the way. The basics of NLP state that if you bound yourself with limiting beliefs, you hinder yourself from achieving the change and desire that you want.

The Influence of Wealth Dynamics Profile Test

In 2002, a social entrepreneur, Roger Hamilton, developed and created a powerful tool to assess your personality, strengths, productivity, values and behavior in determining the most natural way to building wealth.

The Wealth Dynamics Profile Test is a unique tool to understanding your personality profile and leveraging it with the wealth path of least resistance. This will provide you with the great sense of clarity and certainty on who you are and incorporating it on the natural flow of how you can achieve your path. This means that you should build your wealth without the need to struggle and fumble through what is unnatural to you. Creating and achieve your wealth potential should be a flowing and fun journey through and through.

But bear in mind, this is not a get rich quick program, rather it opens the opportunity for you to understand what works for you and provide you with insights in incorporating it to your path to wealth.

With the test, you will be able to identify and emulate the right role models for you, to classify your strategy and properly manage and invest your time. You will also learn how to attract opportunities and the right people to help you build your wealth.

The 8 Ways to Create Wealth

How many ways are there to create wealth? Not one, not a hundred, not even countless ways, but there are only 8 ways to create wealth. This is revealed in the 8 personality types in the Wealth Dynamics Profile Test.  (Please see illustration and explaination below).


  • The Creator. He who builds innovative products
  • The Star. He who builds an influential brand
  • The Supporter. He who builds high-performance team
  • The Deal Maker. He who brings deals together
  • The Buyer. He who buys and sells commodities
  • The Accumulator. He who buys and holds assets
  • The Lord. He who controls cashflow producing assets
  • The Mechanic. He who creates a system that can be duplicated

Integrated into the NLP Practitioner Certificate Program, you will be presented with the modeling framework that will provide you with the tools to be able to achieve the fastest financial and wealth goal results. It only requires 20 minutes of your time to take the Wealth Dynamics Profile Test and find your natural flow to building your wealth.

Your Wealth Dynamics Profile will include vital information for you to understand your natural wealth strategy.

  • Your wealth profile
  • Role models who share the same wealth profile
  • Your strengths and weaknesses as a wealth creator
  • How to build your wealth foundation
  • Your moment of wealth creation
  • How to create value using your profile
  • The value you need to own
  • How you need to leverage
  • How you secure your cashflow

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