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Selling Smarter, Not Harder.

Discover our powerful 5-step Sales Process to Build Strong Customer Relationships, Trust and Close More Sales.

Mastering the Close with Consultative Selling™

From Hard Sales to Heart Sales

Selling today starts with the customer, not the product. It requires creative thinking and new approaches. Today’s salespeople shouldn’t be focusing on just selling the product specifics, but place more emphasis on identifying what the customers truly want. They should learn to be a problem solver who is capable of building trust, sharing knowledge, and ultimately creating memorable experiences and value in every interaction.

Advanced Sales Training: Close More Deals

In this highly-intensive programme, you will learn how to use our unique 5C consultative selling framework™ to sell more effectively. Instead of constantly “pushing” for the sale and experiencing numerous rejections, you will be learning proven strategies to “pull” your customers towards you.

Gain knowledge and tools to build trust and motivate your customers through a deeper understanding of their needs, and eventually lead them to the close.

What you will gain from the program

  • Master positive framing to influence buying
  • Identify ways to build rapport with different segment of customers
  • Understand the human mind to overcome and reduce buying resistance
  • Learn precision questioning tool to uncover and influence needs
  • Consistently communicate value throughout the whole selling interaction
Consultative Selling Jacky Lim - Program

“Jacky’s proficiency as a sales trainer definitely came through to my sales team. We were even guided through the follow-up after the training was completed. I am delighted to have engaged Jacky who gone the extra mile in enhancing the effectiveness of my team.”

– Alysha, HR Executive for Beijing 101

Consultative Selling Jacky Lim - Program Outline

Program Outline

  • Identify the 5 steps to achieve success in consultative selling
  • Connecting with your customers
  • Understanding the Hierarchy of Ideas for effective communication
  • Learning how to ask questions to identify clients’ needs
  • Developing better listening skills
  • Meta-programs to understand the values and needs of customers
  • Handling objections and building agreement frames
  • Use linguistics tool to build influence in customer’s decision making
Who will benefit from this training program
  • Sales professionals, sales managers, entrepreneurs or small business owners who want to boost their sales and improve their selling skills;
  • Professionals who often meet high-value clients
Consultative Selling - Junior Executive Program - Jacky Lim


Don’t Just Stand Up, Stand Out.


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